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Hello there!
If you have something to say, we will be happy to get some feedback or questions.

We invite you to our next events, which you can find here.

Sundays in case of good weather your can enjoy of our music at the Odeonsplatz.
Hofgartenstraße 1,
80539 München

3 Responses to GUESTBOOK

  1. hetto says:

    Hi! I’m really happy to know your jazz band.
    You have amazing music!

    Hope to hear you soon on festivals!

  2. T R says:

    Early Christmas morning… listening to your CD ‘Street Life’ (a present from my 9 year old son. We were vacationing in München and you guys were jammin’…he saw that I enjoyed the music and spontaneously bought two CDs as my birthday present.)…. the entire family enjoys your music. Keep it up!

  3. Charles says:

    Hey there. Heard you last week in the cold and you were quite wonderful. Will you ever put your music up on soundcloud or bandcamp?

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